Regional and foreign civilizations, literatures and languages (LLCER) (Regional and foreign civilizations, literatures and languages (LLCER))



This sub-department is made up of teachers in five language sections who prepare students for degrees in English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish from Bachelor’s to PhD levels, as well as Master’s degrees and preparation for France’s competitive-entry teaching exams.
Various study programs are available (single- or dual-language degrees). While they are multidisciplinary by essence (a large choice of classes, access to further courses, etc.), they are primarily geared towards reaching a high level of specialization in the languages and cultures studied.

Pursuing a LLCER degree involves three clear aims for students:
  • To achieve excellent command of one or two languages out of the five offered (comprehensive linguistic knowledge and communication skills)
  • To acquire knowledge and skills concerning culture in the broadest sense (e.g. history, geography, literature, and aesthetics)
  • To take a professionally-oriented degree course in order to be able to use the knowledge and skills acquired in one of the related professional fields


Exchange agreements with a number of foreign universities enable the LLCER sub-department to promote student exchange programs from Bachelor’s degree level and above.
Published on  April 10, 2017
Updated on  May 12, 2017