Academic calendar

The academic calendar for the coming year will be sent to you by e-mail before your arrival, and you will receive more detailed information during your orientation (September and January), but the most important dates for your year abroad in our Department are as follows:
Orientation week (arrival in September and in January)
The programme will be sent to students minimum a month prior arrival.
This schedule includes mandatory meetings and activities organized by the student organization IntEGre.
When you arrive, an appointment will be scheduled for your administrative registration and you will receive your student card (you will be informed of the date by email).
Important > No late arrivals are allowed for exchange students. The Welcome meeting is MANDATORY.
Full year and 1st-semester exchanges students
1st-semester classes start in September and end in January. Exams take place in January.
Class and exam attendance is MANDATORY.

For students on exchange during the 1st semester only, your academic transcript will be sent by email in March.
For full year exchanges students, a yearly transcript will be sent in July, but you will be able to know your 1st-semester grades in March at your academic administrator’s office.
Full year and 2nd-semester exchanges students
2nd-semester classes start in January and end in April. Exams take place in May.
Class and exam attendance is MANDATORY.

For full year or 2nd semester exchanges students, academic transcripts will be sent by email in July.
Re-sit exams
Re-sit exams take place at the end of June. This gives you a second chance to validate the credits you need should you have failed one or more exams during the first or second semester.
Published on  November 24, 2020
Updated on July 21, 2023