The Department of Foreign Languages combines traditional and new Humanities. The Scientific Council, Doctoral school, research centers and UGA publications have developed close ties and cooperate on research in four fields:

Main research areas

Literature, Languages and Foreign civilizations (two new research centers, ILCEA4 and LUHCIE were formed following the merger of two former research groups)

Literature (French, Francophone, Comparative Literature), Performing Arts and Socio-anthropology (a new research group, ArTES, which also resulted from a merger is currently applying to be recognized as a joint research unit (UMR) in partnership with the CNRS).
Language sciences (three research groups: LIDILEM, also applying for UMR status, which should be obtained in 2017; GIPSA-Lab and LIG (GETALP), both of which are affiliated with a UMR).
Information and Communication sciences (GRESEC research center)

Projects are carried out in three areas:

- performance, arts, cultures
- language and society
- learning, mediation, technology
In keeping with the policy of the last five years, the prioritized activities are the creation of corpora (linguistic, literary, informational) and multimedia critical editions. Cinema, film and intermediality studies find a new momentum by systematically working on joint projects carried out by specialists from the ArTES, ILCEA4 and GRESEC research centers (literature, performing arts, socio-anthropology, foreign civilizations, information and communication studies).

Institute of European, American, African, Asian and Australian Languages and Cultures (ILCEA4) is a part of the Department of Foreign Languages.
Research within the Grenoble Alpes University is undertaken by research groups in 6 separate research departments. The Department of Foreign Languages is affiliated with the Art, Literature, Languages, Humanities, Cognitive and Social Sciences (ALLSHCS) research department.

The Research directorate mainly manages research-related issues in connection with the research centers, the Scientific Council and oversees value creation

The UGA publications

The UGA Editionss is the common publishing centre of the Grenoble Alpes University. It sustains a high-quality editorial policy and promotes research activities by publishing papers in all the fields covered by the university.
Published on  April 10, 2017
Updated on June 12, 2017